Vital Kids

Why Vital Kids?

We all know Kids need something different from adults, and now more than ever they need nutritional support to supplement their diet and help them sustain an ever increasing active lifestyle. So from the makers of Vital Greens we have developed a special, just for kids formula. Created to provide nutritional support and energy during those crucial growth spurts. We‘ve taken out those best for oldies ingredients and added back lots of natural goodies to help our kids.


> Formulated for children by healthcare professionals
> Balanced vitamins and minerals to support the needs of growing kids
> A great way to increase intake of greens and phytonutrients
> Convenient solution to supplement the diet for children
> Ideal for gluten, dairy, yeast, nut or egg intolerance

Vital Kids Contains ONLY pure and natural nutrition that is great for your health

> NO Gluten
> NO Wheat
> NO Added Sugar
> NO Egg
> NO Dairy
> NO Corn
> NO Yeast
> NO Artificial Colours
> NO Artificial Sweeteners
> NO Artificial Flavours
  1. Vital Kids 300g

    Vital Kids 300g

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    Vital Kids is an all-in-one daily multi-nutrient specially developed for kids.

    Vital Kids contains vital ingredients to help provide nutritional support during those formative years. Vital Kids has a natural mixed berry flavour – a tasty, easy drink for the morning breakfast routine.

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