Healthcare Professionals

Vital Health Europe supports practitioners and will always do so

Whether you are a therapist, doctor, personal trainer or another healthcare professional, we respect and support you in your endeavours to improve the health and lives of other people. We are pleased to offer a wholesale discount to healthcare professionals on all Vital Greens products.

Many of the most ardent advocates of Vital Greens are healthcare professionals. In fact, we believe that the reason Vital Greens grew organically to be by far the number one Superfood in Australia, without ever advertising, is because of two simple facts:

> The formula was designed from the beginning to be of the highest quality and efficacy, using natural and wholefood sourced ingredients, and these standards have never been compromised for any reason.

> The unwavering support Vital Greens has received from healthcare professionals since its inception ten years ago.

"Practitioners represent a huge proportion of the both the end consumer client base and the reseller base for Vital Health Europe, and we are delighted to be able to offer practitioners a partner program across Europe."

Andreas Hertzenberg, CEO Vital Health Europe.

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Practitioner Applications

If you are new to the Vital Health Website, please start the Practitioner application process, please Apply Here

If you already have a login to our website, please Contact Us and provide the following information so we can upgrade your account:

> Your contact details (including account email address)

> Verification of your qualifications (a course or insurance certificate)

> Your Company/trading name & website URL (if applicable)

We will confirm via email once the application process is complete. After this, you will then automatically receive your wholesale pricing discount each time you logon to our store.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks for your interest and we look forward to partnering with you!


Here is what another practitioner says about Vital Greens:

"I have found Vital Greens to be a very useful adjunct in my naturopathic clinic. The main aspects of Vital Greens I like in practice is its simplicity for the patient and the practitioner. Its comprehensive spread of nutrients and their superior absorption allows focus on the individual therapeutic requirements of my patients in the knowledge that underlying nutritional deficiencies are being addressed.

The ingredients also help restore the homeostasis of the individual by the application of classic naturopathic principals of nutrition and gentle, gradual elimination of toxins with minimal disruption of the individual's lifestyle. The simplicity of one serve per day and the agreeable taste ensures a high level of patient compliance as well.

I would recommend Vital Greens to any practitioner who sees the value of nutrition in better clinical outcomes for their patients."

Fern Laufenberg ND DBM (Suffolk Park, NSW, Australia)


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