Relevant Links

Tabco Pharmaceuticals

Based in Sydney, Australia, Tabco is a TGA licensed contract manufacturer of natural pharmaceuticals. With over 30 years experience supplying leading health retailers, the company has developed a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality, clinically effective natural medicines. Tabco are the manufacturers of Vital Greens.

Health Gate

Market-leading publisher of electronic health and medical information.

The Mayo Online Clinic

Comprehensive site offering reliable health information. Excellent A-Z Disease & Conditions section.

Australian Traditional Medicine Society

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) is Australia’s largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners, representing about 65% of the total complementary medicine profession.

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture (Australia)

NASAA provides local and regional information on all aspects of owning or leasing appropriate land, growing and processing organic plants and husbandry.

Nature Care College

Nature Care College of Natural Therapies & Life Studies, established in 1973, is Australia’s largest and most respected college of natural therapies and alternative medicine located in Sydney.

BBC Health (UK)

A great place to just browse and check out the many articles on general health, medical conditions and healthy living.


The definitive guide to everything about Spirulina. Plenty of trial studies, reports and articles.

Traditional Medicine Supplies

Suppliers of over 6,000 lines of Herbal, Nutritional and Homoeopathic Medicines to thousands of Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Nurses and Pharmacies around Australia.

GNC LiveWell

GNC LiveWell Australia's website includes Heath Notes, one of the world's largest stores of valuable information on health. It has been categorised into easy-to-use health and lifestyle sections and incorporates research gathered from scientific studies published in over 550 medical and scientific journals.

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's documentary on Global Warming - 'An Inconvenient Truth'. A powerful and informative documentary about one of today's most debated topics, presented by Al Gore with compelling scientific evidence.

Geofeat International

A global product directory of all things green, eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic, sustainable and complementary.