About Us

Sunn og Frisk AS is a company distributing Health Food products in Europe under the "Vital Health Europe" brand name. The company prides itself on providing advanced premium health food products to the European market.

The hero product Vital Greens is a market leader in Australia and has helped thousands of people improving their general health and well-being. The company is Headquartered in Oslo, Norway.


Gerd Skarstein
Customer Relations Manager (BSc, BBM)

Gerd is a trained nutritionist at the Atlantis Medical College in Oslo, and also has a bachelor's degree in business management from the International College of Management Sydney.

She has a vivid interest in diet, exercise and recreation, and a great passion for Vital Greens.

Gerd believes regular exercise and a balanced diet are two equal components, which together constitute the best basis for good health.

Anna Ingwardo
Head of Nutrition (BSc)

Anna is a trained nutritionist at the Atlantis Medical College in Oslo. She has good knowledge about how lifestyle, stress and diet can influence the hormone balance and health in general.

Anna has 3 years’ experience as a dietary supervisor at Dr. Fedon Lindberg's Clinic in Oslo, and works in addition as Product Manager at Sunn og Frisk AS.

Andreas Weidemann Hertzenberg
Managing Director

Andreas is a Business graduate with a background in management of companies in the retail and health-related businesses. 

He has an International MBA from EM Lyon in France and BBA from Monash University in Melbourne.

Andreas is an active sports - and outdoors man who is genuinely interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.


Trudy Wiegand, Artist

Visual artist Trudy Wiegand was born and raised in Australia and has lived in Norway since 1993.

She was educated at Woollahra Art School in Sydney and Nydalen School of Art, Oslo.

Trudy preferably works with large formats. Her abstract and semi figurative painting are bold, experimental and full of energy. The dynamics between the conscious and the random gives her paintings a fascinating character.

It was through her genuine interest in pursuing a healthy lifestyle that she came across Vital Greens and is now a proud promoter of this fantastic Australian made product.

Healthy Goals

> To offer healthy high quality products created by nutrition scientists.

> To provide our customers with products that are so good that our employees use them daily.

> To provide quality customer service, including e-mail response times no longer than two working days, and quick delivery of products.

> To offer products to suit most diets and health conditions, including gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian, vegan and kosher. Our products will be free of additives and common allergens such as peanuts, eggs and soy. We only offer products with natural content which will have organic ingredients whenever possible.


Contact Us

Customer Services: 0047 69 21 31 37

Email: post@vitalhealtheurope.com

Registered address:

Sunn og Frisk AS
Domus & Medicus
Pilestredet Park 7
0176 OSLO

Company number: 988 562 483